What’s New at MakerSpace?

We are debuting several new STEAM items this month, including circuitry kits, robotics, and engineering tools! Take a look at what we have and stop by one of our MakerSpace sessions Feburary 7 and February 21,  between 3 and 6pm. You can also see our new STEAM selection in the catalogue section of our website.


One of our favorite new things is the LittleBits Droid Inventor’s kit!


We Made a Squirgle!

What’s a squirgle? Is it contagious? Is it, as the internet defines it, the sound a cat makes between a purr and a meow? It’s neither! A squirgle is an optical illusion object that looks like both a square and a circle depending on the angle.

We 3-D printed a squirgle this weekend, and held it up to a mirror and: voila! Squirgle!

See for yourself!

Coding Crash Course, Nov 2nd 4pm


Is anyone interested in learning the basics of coding? We have a STEAM volunteer coming to the base library’s MakerSpace on November 2nd, 4-6pm, to teach a crash course in coding! He is currently earning a degree in computer science and will be a teacher very soon. Babies will be welcome during this session.

The course will be designed for elementary to upper middle school kids, but anyone with a desire to learn about coding is welcome and encouraged to come! Call 703-784-4348 with any questions, and join the Facebook event for reminders. See you there!


Open Call for STEAM Class Volunteers

Are you an expert coder? Do you know a lot about robotics, circuitry, or another STEAM subject? Do you want to share what you know and inspire someone else? Then we have an opportunity for you!

We are looking for volunteers to teach mini STEAM lessons on MakerSpace days (1st & 3rd Wednesdays, 3-6pm)! We have held a Scratch class in the past, which taught the basics of creating a game or virtual app. Our audience is usually elementary through upper middle school aged kids, but we are very interested in drawing in an older audience as well. If you are interested, please contact Kaylee Wilsher or Katelyn McManus at the base library at 703-432-4530.

Scratch Class Success


We celebrated Scratch Day here at the library yesterday by hosting a class on Scratch basics, and our awesome patrons made some pretty cool projects!

Scratch is an free online program that lets you create apps without writing a single line of code. You can make games, interactive stories, animation, and more! We will be doing a similar class in the near future, using Scratch or another similar program so look out for announcements on Facebook!

Check out these projects created during our class!

AHHHHHHHH! by purplepanda4569

Captain Planet Dance Party by velrabbit

Fanny Pack Dance Party by velrabbit


Cat Space Adventure (requested by Hilda Harris) by velrabbit



Spotlight On: Ozobots


Meet the Ozobots!

Our next MakerSpace session will take place on Wednesday, April 6th, 2pm-7pm.

This week we’re highlighting Ozobots, small round robots that follow marker lines and obey commands.

How do you get them to spin like a tornado, zoom like rockets, or crawl at a snail’s pace?

Hint: Different color combinations signal the bots to do different things, all you have to do is draw them!

Are you ready to meet the Ozobots!?

Star Wars STEM: Mission Complete

We completed our mission in Star Wars STEM with great success! One of the most popular stations seemed to be the Dash ‘Escape the Death Star’ Maze where kids used an iPad to guide Dash through treacherous enemy territory, with bookend stormtroopers at every turn. The SnapCircuit table was also a very popular choice–we had quite a few future engineers come up with amazing and creative projects!

There was also some very impressive coding performed in the Star Wars Coding Challenge station, where kids used blockly to program droids through a variety of mazes and challenges.

Thanks to everyone who came out and had fun, and we hope to see you all again very soon. Our next session will be on Wednesday, April 6th, 2pm-7pm.