Spring is Coming – Awaken the Force Within You!

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Image credit: Ships by Vanja, CC BY

Our March MakerSpace sessions will take place on March 2nd & March 30th from 2pm – 7pm (the 1st & 5th Wednesdays this month).

We moved the second session to March 30th so that everyone enjoying Spring Break on base can come have fun!

Our theme for the spring break MakerSpace will be… STAR WARS! Check back for more information on the special Star Wars STEM activities (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) we have planned.

If you’re not into Star Wars – don’t worry. You can awaken other creative forces within you!

To get into the spirit of things, try out this awesome Hour of Code: Star Wars Edition at home. You get to program BB-8 and make your own droid game!

And if that isn’t the coolest thing you do today, then we don’t know what is!


MakerSpace Grand Opening – December 16, 2015


Quantico MakerSpace Opens

Wednesday, December 16

from 1400-1900 (2:00-7:00 pm)

MakerSpace is coming! Are you as excited as we are!? The goal of MakerSpace is to inspire learning, creativity, and exploration of new technologies, free of traditional educational boundaries. There are no tests or wrong answers, only the opportunity to explore, discover, and create! Our members will be granted open access to all of our MakerSpace equipment, including:

  • 3D Printer & Scanner* (to be operated by staff only)
  • Dash & Dot robots
  • Engino building kits
  • GoldieBlox
  • Hummingbird robotics kits
  • Leap Motion
  • Legos
  • MakeyMakey
  • Osmo
  • OWI robotic arms
  • Ozobots
  • Q-Ba-Maze
  • Roominate
  • Snapcircuits

Participation Guidelines:
 Library Patrons must show a military, military dependent, or government employee CAC ID, and sign a User Agreement in order to gain access to the MakerSpace. All members are required to adhere to specific safety standards as outlined in the User Agreement. Children under 10 must be vouched for and supervised by an adult at all times. For questions on participation guidelines, please see a Base Library staff member.

Get a Free 3D Ornament! Participants in our Children’s Christmas Program on Tuesday, December 15 (10:00 am) will receive a Limited Edition 3D-printed tree ornament – and a preview of the MakerSpace!

MakerSpace Holiday Schedule: The next MakerSpace session will take place on January 6, 2016. Future MakerSpace sessions will be held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month, from 1400-1900 (2:00-7:00 pm). See you there!

*Members interested in 3D printing should arrive at least by 5:00 pm in order to allow enough time to print your object. 3D printers are operated by Library staff only. Time slots are limited, so make sure to see a staff member to sign up!

Coming soon… Quantico MakerSpace!

Welcome to the Quantico Base Library MakerSpace blog! Here, we will post our workshop schedules, upcoming events, and details about the creatively inspired equipment we have available for our members.

Becoming a member of the Quantico Base Library MakerSpace is easy, quick, and free – if you’re a Library patron in good standing, you’re good to go! But most importantly, exploring our workshop can inspire you to become a world class creator. Many inventors have gotten their start just by messing around with a 3-D printer (of which we have 2) or discovering their first circuit board (of which we have 8).

You might be thinking, “Why should I bother making something with a 3-D printer when I could easily buy something better?” The idea here is creation for creation’s sake. The process of brainstorming, designing something, working out the kinks, holding your finished product and taking pride in your own creative abilities – that’s what 3-D printing can provide. Also, the possibilities of 3-D printing go far beyond a simple chess piece or vase – in fact, they have recently been used to create cost-effective, long lasting, prosthetic arms for victims of war in Sudan:

But 3-D printing aside, a MakerSpace’s main function is to inspire creativity and interest in S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, (and in our case) Arts & Mathematics) in builders young and old. We will be providing opportunities to explore all of these subjects with a variety of tools and items – most of which aren’t available in schools or other library settings. We have circuit boards, Legos, Goldieblox kits, Roominate kits, robotic arms, marble mazes, sewing machines, and so much more. It’s never too early or too late to plant the seeds of creativity, and the best part of all – it’s free!

More information will be provided as we get closer to our grand opening date, so stay tuned for more details and stay creative, builders!