Rules & Policies

Hours of Operation
1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month
3pm – 6pm
(dates may change in case of emergency, check Facebook for most current updates)

Membership Requirements

  • Members must be registered library patrons with a library card.
  • Eligibility: Active or Retired military, their dependents, and DOD employees.
  • Members must sign a safety and policy agreement.
  • A Military ID (or CAC for DOD employees) must be shown.
  • No one under 5 is allowed in the MakerSpace area for safety reasons.
  • Children under 13 must be supervised by an adult AT ALL TIMES. Adults take full responsibility for their children child when they sign themselves in as a guardian. Members 13 years and over may work unsupervised.


MakerSpace Rules

  • We operate under a ONE STRIKE POLICY. If a Member or anyone a Member is responsible for violates MakerSpace rules, membership privileges will be revoked and the person will be banned from MakerSpace.
    Example: A person causes a safety hazard that puts other people in serious danger, purposely damages MakerSpace equipment, or steals Makerspace equipment. This is considered a ‘strike’ and that person loses all MakerSpace privileges.
  • Members will be required to leave their ID with a staff member when checking out equipment. ID’s will be returned after the Member has cleaned up their area, returned equipment to a staff member, and logged a ‘time out’ in the item logbook.
  • Absolutely no food or drink is allowed in the MakerSpace area.
  • All equipment must stay in the MakerSpace area.
  • Members must know how to use an item correctly and safely before being allowed to use it. If you have a question, please ask us!
  • Always operate equipment safely and correctly. If you hear a strange noise coming from a machine (ozobots, snap circuits, robotic arms), stop using it and alert a staff member!
  • Members must not touch the 3D printers under any circumstances. Only trained library staff may operate these machines. 3D printers get EXTREMELY hot (220℃!) so it’s very important that you never touch any part of them.
  • The iPads and laptops are for MakerSpace use only, and will only be used to run certain necessary programs. If you need a computer for personal use, ask the front desk for a username and password for a patron computer.
  • Report all injuries–no matter how small–to a staff member IMMEDIATELY.
  • There are no longer 3D printer requests due to stress on our machines, but there will be 3D printing live demos during MakerSpace sessions.